So – first off – shout out to Real World Terrain.  Totally awesome Unity Plugin that saved my life.  Has a great list of features, but what I needed, was a rough representation of the Las Vegas Valley.   So Their tools allow selecting which aerial mapping server, and specifying the quality level.  So I broke Las Vegas into a 32×32 grid covering roughly 300 square miles, with 128×128 pixel aerials.  I also imported the same grid, with 2048 aerials, and a ton of triangle accuracy.  And of course something in the middle.  I then composited the three sources of data which were all in the same alignment, and ended up with 9 panels of aerials that were very accurate near the center of the project, and decreasing quality and accuracy out for hundreds of miles.  Gives a really nice accurate skyline appearance, similar to what you might see in Google Earth.   But this is Unity.  So let the games begin.

Next up is to get the Aerial topography from the local company, and integrate the more accurate project aerials into the model as well.

Leap Motion has a Game Jam that I got pretty interested in.  Some big prizes, and a good opportunity at learning some new tech, and leveraging it.  Plus I read that the Ludum Dare challenge for the same time, was to make something, and to sell it.  It’s been too long since I’d made something, so I made BitHockey.  I didn’t do all the art, but I put the rough AI together, and the controls, and got the performance with the effects which were introduced to work well.