GDC this year was a great experience for me. The galvanized opinions around which VR platform would be most successful, or widely adopted were energetic and food which will keep me motivated for a good while. My only regret is not having made more progress on my project, or being more willing to share the progress. I think I’m not quite far enough to share too much, and I’m optimistic that nobody sees my website.

My takeaway is that there are a large number of companies focusing on developing content for these platforms, and they will all have success based on the visibility which is available to the early movers. The only difference between any of them, and any of the independent developers is the location and recognition. Many of the startups are in SF, or Seattle, while many more are located in garages, or bedrooms across the world. It was very motivating realizing that many who are working for the larger teams are successful because of the large group of talent that they’ve gathered. While that seems interesting, I’m currently not sure how relocation would work, and I’m really motivated to find people here in Vegas who have the talent and interest.

The value of Networking is difficult to quantify, but the energy that is within the game industry is undeniable. And it was good to revisit such a condensed form of that energy at GDC.