A friend of mine referred me to Robots & Pencils, and I thought I’d start helping them out. It’s exciting to be working with a big organization like theirs on exciting projects. They are a developer for hire firm, and as such, I won’t be able to talk too much about the various projects that I’ll be involved in. But it is developing in Unity, and targeting several platforms, so exactly what I enjoy doing.

I’ve been talking with a member of the Las Vegas Unity Meetup recently, and he’s working on an Indie project. Finally talked more about it, and got invited to collaborate on his project.


Absolutely love the art:


I’d post more of the game and art here, but I don’t want it to get confused about my contributions. My main draw was the art style, because it’s awesome, so definitely check it out. I’m just really excited to be able to collaborate on this project. So far I’ve only fixed a few bugs, but I’m really looking forward to working on this project in my spare time.