Alright – I’m not an environment modeler, and I don’t claim to be an artist. But for programmer art, I think 4 hours of modeling and environment creation are starting to look pretty exciting.


And no – I don’t feel like VR doors need handles. They need an interface, but I’m planning on doing a screen you have to interact with before going through. Big plans for that door, and all the magic that will ensue behind it.

Oh – I also need to start working on BitScience webpage. Logo, Media, Web Layout, etc.

Leap Motion has a Game Jam that I got pretty interested in.  Some big prizes, and a good opportunity at learning some new tech, and leveraging it.  Plus I read that the Ludum Dare challenge for the same time, was to make something, and to sell it.  It’s been too long since I’d made something, so I made BitHockey.  I didn’t do all the art, but I put the rough AI together, and the controls, and got the performance with the effects which were introduced to work well.